Child Care and Preschool Play Areas

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Early Childhood Playground Safety Surfacing for Child Care Centers
A range of safety surfacing materials are suitable for child care playgrounds. Finding the right solution depends on your needs and budget. Creating safe, stimulating playgrounds is integral to the success of your facility!
two children playing on an inflatable slide with the text surface for early childhood playgrounds
Early Childhood Playground Surfacing
As a leading safety surface company, we at No Fault Surfaces understand the unique requirements of day care, preschool and child care playgrounds. Early childhood play is vital in nurturing the growth and development of young children! 🌱
an overhead view of a child's play area with the words safety surfaceing for your child care center
What to Remember When Designing a Playground for Toddlers
When designing a playspace for toddlers and young children...keep safety top of mind! No Fault safety surfacing is designed to serve as attractive, shock-absorbing protection against the inevitable tumbles every toddler is bound to have.