Adorableeeeee <3

This is going to be my next baby.she is so so so sweet, I just fell in love with her and I want her sooooooo bad.she's a Doxie right? That face.oh my I love that face.


The 13 Best Things About Having a Dog

Australian Shepard puppy WITH BLUE EYES! Absolutely precious. WANT!

Proof that Huskies are the most photogenic dogs

Golden/Husky Mix, I dare you to show me a cuter puppy. [this definitely isn't a golden/husky mix. or at least, not only golden & husky, but adorable nonetheless!

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 of the healthiest dog breeds. This adorable puppy is an Australian Cattle Dog, and has a life expectancy of 29 years! Australian Cattle Dogs are prone to develop retinal atrophy, which eventually leads to blindness.

61 Images Of Animals That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Husky! - just like my husky sanji - so majestic - - re-pinned by

Beautiful red Siberian Husky--someday again, reminds me of my beautiful dog I used to have!

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