The Biggest Problem Of Readers

The Biggest Problem Of Readers

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:) true, it's never enough. There is always another book around the corner that seduces you to buy it.

"The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more." This is true. My bookshelf is full of books, but I always need more.

It's official, we're professional bookworms. This mug is the perfect companion for long evenings of reading, rain, and coffee (or tea! Find it at Bookworm Boutique's little bookish shop on Redbubble.

Let's just say, someone "accidentally" died.<<<<"How many times was he stabbed?I lost count sir"

I am a book dragon!

dictionarycomblr: “bookphile: “ bookphile: “ bookphile: “ That’s right. I’m a Book Dragon. Not a bookworm, or a Book Wyrm, I am a Book Dragon!

"A book is a dream you hold in your hands" - Neil Gaiman (art by risarodil) - Books

If you were a bookworm, you'd be reading all day, nonstop, from dawn to dusk. Bookworms read in every spare moment and race to finish whatever else they're doing that day so they can pick up their boo

I Am A Book Dragon

This was funny even though I still use my tablet to read. :) It's always great to have a back up for when it dies though!

I love my Kindle and my Nook, but this is funny! I love my real books too!

Library quote.

Why libraries are so beautiful: You don't need any money, because you aren't going to buy anything. But every single time you visit, you will go home with something new.