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a green vase with white flowers in it on a table next to a gray wall
Color Swirl Vase
a blue vase with white flowers in it
Color Swirl Vase
there is a vase with white flowers in it
gladiolos 1
three blue flowers in a metal bowl on a white table top, with water underneath them
Les bouquets - Page 2/3
a white flower sitting on top of a green leafy plant next to water lilies
two pink flowers and green leaves on a wooden table with a black backgrounnd
a bird of paradise flower in a glass vase on a black background with reflections and shadows
Whispering Flowers - Ikebana - Misc. - Stichting Kunstboek
a blue vase with some purple flowers in it
Georgetown Pottery Square Ikebana Flower Vase, Peacock
purple flowers in a black bowl on a white table
Ikebana Class
three candles are sitting on a table with beads and twine wrapped around the candle holders
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a vase filled with flowers on top of a table