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Chestnut-winged Cuckoo
Chestnut-winged-cuckoo, Clamator coromandus | |

Chesnut-winged cuckoo (Clamator coromandus)

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Owl Talk
((((((⃢⃢🐤 #Birds ((((((⃢⃢🕊 #kuş ((((((⃢⃢🐦

Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)

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Content in a Cottage

Barn owl (Tyto alba)

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Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix)

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Image about black in dead by mia warnke on We Heart It

Raven (Corvus Corax)

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o amor próprio trata-se também de cuidar de si mesmo, do psicológico, do físico.
こはく ‏@ahiru589 6月22日  ぐわぁー

Waterfowl (Anatidae)

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Great-tailed Grackle Xcaret, Mexico 2007
Great-Tailed Grackle, San Jose, Costa Rica

Boat-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus major)

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Calocitta colliei
black throated magpie jay  (photo)

Black-throated Magpie Jay (Calocitta colliei)

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House Martin (Delichon)

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Pigeons (Columbidae)

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Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)

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White-tailed Ptarmigan (Lagopus leucura)

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Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus)

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Harpy eagle (Photo by Louis oneill)

Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja)

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Pheasant Coucal (Centropus phasianinus)

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a close up view of a bird with red eyes and feathers on it's head
BIR020-00128 - Joel Sartore
a close up of a bird flying in the air
a close up of a bird with red eyes and long feathers on it's head
a large bird with its wings spread out
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with its reflection in it's water
an orange and black bird with words describing the parts of it's beaks
a painting of a bird flying in the sky
a close up of a bird with very large feathers
The Darkness has eyes by DarkTaraArts on DeviantArt
a bird flying through the air with it's wings spread
a large bird standing on top of a grass covered field with trees in the background
a close up of a bird with red eyes
Gipeto adulto ritratto
Gipeto adulto ritratto | JuzaPhoto