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Whisky, Sage and Chili Cured Beef

Hey everyone ! I finally made my own cured meat and it is quite delicious. It is nothing like the possum jerky I once saw here.

Roger Stowell

Roger Stowell

Aged for 3 Months with great White Truffle Flavor! TWO OUNCES White Truffle Salami Berkshire pork meat, dry cured fermented, with White Alba Truffl

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The nice thing about Sopressa Vincentian is that it's a delicate salami that is aged at least 60 days - usually topped with spices and garlic. The wait is definitely worthwhile! Especially if you put it in a Panini or use this a pizza topping.

Catalan pride

Catalan pride

Stir, Laugh, Repeat: I Didn't Know That - Pancetta and Prosciutto

Prosciutto Pancetta These two Italian meats are favorites for adding flavor to cooking but what is the difference between the tw.