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First Grade Math

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Cathy Fosnot VoicEd Radio Podcasts – New Perspectives on Learning
Cathy Fosnot | Experiments in Learning by Doing
Cathy Fosnot | 20somethingkids and 1kookyteacher

Cathy Fosnott

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Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6 Course Guide - Teachers | IM Demo
Sara VanDerWerf on Twitter: "Hey friends! Are you using MLR2: Collect and Display? I'd love to hear how you are using it and or plan to use it. More info here: https://t.co/d7bfpUdNAS" / Twitter
MLR2: Collect and Display | LearnZillion

Language Routine

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Tonya Miller
“Working on a sequence of Check Your Understanding (gr. 4-6) questions by bridging the research of @pgliljedahl, @pamseda1 and @kyndallab. Welcoming feedback. #mtbos @KirstDy @NatBanting @davidpetro314 @BurdessAlicia @DanShuster (who clued me into many of these tasks)”
k2 tile - marcycookmath.com


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Teaching Time - Telling the time made fun!
The unrolled clock


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Learn about comparing and ordering numbers with fun math games.
ABCya! Practice comparing number values playing a fun more than, less than activity


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(1) Ms.Montes (she/her) on Twitter: "Grade 1's @StBernBears learning abouting repeating patterns and naming the core using a @PearsonMatholo1 activity. #mathplay #discoveringmathconcepts @RitsmaJen https://t.co/C5jHGrZI8S" / Twitter
Ms. Ionadi on Twitter: "We’ve been working on understanding patterns and today we decided to create, extend and translate them! 😁 Students put their skills to the test by using materials we have in class to do so. 🔺🔸🔸🔺🔸🔸🔺🔸🔸 @CNEWM_DPCDSB @DP_math https://t.co/jzbrLha48o" / Twitter
Robert Kaplinsky on Twitter: "#whyopenmiddle + #buildingthinkingclassrooms" / Twitter


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Benjamin Watson on Twitter: "Learn something new everyday. Wow" / Twitter
"Change" The Coin Song - Dwayne Reed - YouTube


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Melissa on Twitter: "Some unplugged coding picture books #OntMathCoding @TeachMsPike Books with: -coding vocabulary -positional language -maps -patterns -a journey https://t.co/3iemlmf9Xn" / Twitter


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Fifteen Reasons to Use Loose Parts for Learning in Middle and High School Classrooms

Loose Parts

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“What!? Tiramisu is younger than my dad? Also the 1940s saw great additions to our cuisine. Weird how young ciabatta is! Fun chart shows several foods that were invented surprisingly recently. Source: https://t.co/tuF3CYYmMp”
5-Day Lesson Plans - Turner’s Graph of the Week
“In the mood for some fruit trivia? The five ancestral species of citrus fruits (papeda, citron, pomelo, mandarin, and kumquat) and their hybrid descendants. Source: https://t.co/RMRKlxVLUU”


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Mrs. Unsworth on Twitter: "Inspired by @MrsRoss_tvdsb & @MissPeister to play this modified Mystery Numbers Game w/ my Ss (w/ #RelationalRodTrays). B4 showing this to my Ss, I reflected on how I could scaffold... Day 1➡️place 5 red Day 2➡️place 5 green Day 3➡️place 5 purple ⭐️Reminded me of Battleship⭐️ https://t.co/L1sgZdAfKp" / Twitter

Relational Trays

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Early Number Sense - I See Maths


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Three Act Tasks
3 Acts | KristenAcosta.com
3 Act Tasks | mscastillosmath

3 Act Tasks

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Kindergarten Math Planning | Smore Newsletters for Education
2019 Early Math Symposium Keynote Megan Franke, PhD - YouTube
Episode 97: Top Elementary Math Books for Your Summer 2021 Reading | Build Math Minds


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Mouse Collections
2018 Early Math Symposium Activities | early-math-ca
2019 Early Math Symposium | early-math-ca

Math Books

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Balance the scale is a great introduction to algebra for the first grade. The goal is to make two equations on the scale has the same outcome.

Balanced Equations

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(95) Place Value Song For Kids | Ones, Tens, & Hundreds | 1st - 3rd Grade - YouTube
(90) Math Antics - Place Value - YouTube
The Number Chart Game is a fun and educational activity for children learning numbers. The chart will help children to see relationships and patterns between numbers one to one hundred.

Place Value

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Investigations3 on Twitter: "Turn over a teen number card. Will you fill a whole ten frame? How many will be on the second ten frame? How do you know? #TeenNumbers #PlaceValue" / Twitter
Kindergarten, Math, Kindergarten Math, Common Core, Counting, Numbers, addition, Subtraction, composing, decomposing

Teen Numbers

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Is The Longest Block Area Also The Biggest? – The LREI Math Commons
Teaching Counting Skills - The Autism Helper When students don’t know what number represents which amount.
Mr Jones’ 1st and 2nd Grade Math Filing Cabinet | Mr. Jones' Room Activities by standard


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Numberblocks | Activities | Level 1
@Numberblocks | Full Episodes | S5 EP5: One Times Table - YouTube


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Steve Wyborney's Blog: I'm on a Learning Mission. | Sharing Thoughts About Education
Introducing Esti-Mysteries!  Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.  As you click through the each Esti-Mystery, clues will appear that will allow the studen…


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Small Shifts in Teacher Talk Make a Big Difference - ASCD Inservice
Conferring Notes: The Key to Unit Planning – TWO WRITING TEACHERS
This is the year I’m going to keep better records. | TWO WRITING TEACHERS

Conferring in Math

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Dominoes | early-math-ca
Math fact practice using dominos
Help your kids have fun while learning their doubles math facts with this Domino Doubles Game from Creative Family Fun


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HOW TO: Find the missing part - YouTube
10 Ingenious Ways to Use Solo Cups in the Classroom - KTeacherTiff
Sumas hasta el 10

Missing Addends

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“Hey #gcisdELAR primary Ts, try this clotheslines ABCs routine to reinforce alphabet knowledge! Keep the clothesline and pins and switch out what Ss will alphabetize! Click here for some ideas👇🏼!”
Yarn Number Line: A Lever to Develop Fraction Understanding - Achieve the Core Aligned Materials
Clothesline Math

Clothesline Math

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