Okkoto by Nivailis

Lord Okkoto from Princess Mononoke. And I'm trying to repeat that feel of determination ever since.

In the Dark by Nivailis

Precisely, that it not only allows to create pretty things, but also to cope with emotions.

Cat Returns by Nivailis

Yuki and prince Lune from the Cat Returns. I love Ghibli movies!

Hard Light by Nivailis

I haven't painted weasels for looong time. It was also very experimental, a lighting-coloring-blending-everything practi.

Jolteon and Vaporeon by Nivailis on DeviantArt  #digital #art #painting #krita #cg #fantasy #drawing #pokemon #eevee #eeveelutions

Jolteon, use shadow ball! Vaporeon- I think it's my most favorite Pokemon of all. Jolteon and Vaporeon

MountainHorse by Nivailis

done with Krita, as always Reference .

Architect by Nivailis

Silly weasel XD Whenever I think of that I'm going to get an engineer degree at architecture soon I can't help but think of this SONG .

Gold in Darkness by Nivailis

Gold in Darkness by Nivailis

Chase by Nivailis

Black Ike and cinnamon Shani.