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DIY Cat Window Perches. This website is full of DIY ideas for your cat. Love it

These cat window shelves are Ikea hacks, just regular shelves with a nice soft bed on top. Would be a good idea to put Velcro between the bed and the shelf to help keep it in place. And never mind the link, it doesn't lead anywhere of relevance.

Freshly grated nutmeg offers a more delicate flavor and aromatic scent than the preground variety. The eggs in both the base and the meringue are cooked, so food safety shouldn't be a concern.

A giant hotel-silver punch bowl holds Martha& signature eggnog, rich with cream and laced with rum, bourbon, and Cognac.

Ombre Nails are very eye-catching because of its color combination. From soft pastel Ombre Fade for the day to day, or Glitter Ombre Nail Arts for special occasions like weddings, baptismal, etc. And of course you can do Bold with a Rainbow Ombre effects