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Sylwia Piekło
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clique-card-20114.jpg (1289×1929)

clique-card-20114.jpg (1289×1929)

Judith Lauand

Commercial gallery in the west end includes exhibitions, represented artist's CV and gallery contacts.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler Beach Scene, c. 1885-86.

artist-whistler: “ Beach Scene via James McNeill Whistler Size: cm Medium: watercolor”

Fashion Sketch - abstract fashion illustration for Herve Leger // Tobie Giddio

Fashion illustration by Tobie Giddio for Herve Leger, New York Womenswear. Very simplistic and modern use of hatching and cross hatching. The lines of the body really drew my eye in and are the main reason for this choice.

Alessia Bicocchi ( via workman, artistjournals on Tumblr

Art + Photography / glovaskicom: Revealed oil and wax on paper, Doug Glovaski 2009

Agnès Martin est née en 1912 à Saskatchewan au Canada. La majeure partie de son travail se compose de grilles carrées. Bien que minimaliste dans la forme, ces peintures s'écartent de l'intellectualisme, fréquent dans les démarches minimalistes, au profit d'une approche personnelle et spirituelle.  Ses compositions «expressionnisme abstraite» utilisaient essentiellement le noir, blanc, et le brun.

Agnes Martins work at Moma

Untitled (April) by Geoffrey Johnson

Geoffrey Johnson masterfully sets the mood. Untitled (April) by Geoffrey Johnson [ via The Fox is Black ]

I love this quote so much. It says so much. Just think, what would Earth be like without art? Without expression? Without creativity? Society would be just a blur of blandness. Everything would be so boring. You would barley be your own person. Just think about that the next time you find yourself doodling or sketching.

The Earth Without Art is Just Eh. That means Canadians aren't good at art, eh ;

Pick 4 Fonts: 1. Title/Logo Font (go all out), 2. Content/Paragraph Font (simple, readable), 3. Bold Font (emphasis, readable, subtitle font), 4. Script Font (fancy or handwritten, subtitle font, shows personality)

25 Free Romantic Fonts via A Subtle Revelry - for the tattoo!

Nuno Da Costa, Contemporary Fashion and Beauty Illustrator

Nuno Da Costa, Contemporary Fashion and Beauty Illustrator on imgfave