les graphiquants for dior

TEXT Dior homme sport advertising 2012 by Les Graphiquants. This is a great ad campaign it screams Dior with the bold high fashion photos. As well as timeless in black and white. With the strong type in gold. Really wonderfully done.

I'm really falling in love with geometry overlaid photography. Such an elegant design concept. This one I like more than most I've seen because the graphic shapes almost become part of the forest itself.

Vintage Chanel Hat Boxes ~ 1913

VintageFashion - Circa Fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's label was originally Gabrielle Chanel. The original label is on the hatboxes.

Almodovar titles // Cheeky Design


Pedro Almodovar invests so much attention and care in his framing and set design, his colour and pattern choices, that it comes as no surprise that this poster for his "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" should be so graphically exquisite.

Winter forest

I thought while we are all relaxing after Christmas it would be nice just to look at some scenery. So here are some beautiful Winter Forests. Love and Light Judy

Erwin Blumenfeld - Doe Eye of Jean Patchett Cover for Vogue 1950

Smuggling art into fashion

shiny makeup

reverse illuminator on bruna tenorio photographed by cedric buchet for vogue china 2007