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Haha its like the video conor and joe made conor searching lyrics for his own song

I think that the fact that calum tends to forget the tunes and lyrics to their songs (even though he wrote like of all the songs) is vv cute that cute little calum hood i want to wrap him in a warm blanket and protect him from the world

[ luke hemmings ] "ello. im luke.. yes luke hemmings. i play guitar and sing in a band called 5 seconds of summer. may is my little sister, hurt her and you're dead. im 20 and single but not looking at all. come say hello."

New gram by Luke Keep the good times coming. I also post hopefully awesome stuff on by lukehemmings


*dies*>>> even though It was a long time ago still -cries and dies- <<Actually he was crying because of Michael and he got burnt too soooo, yeah.