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This is a series of digital paintings by artist Daniel Kamarudin reimagining Avengers characters with a dark fantasy twist (previously: this other person who did the same thing back in Who is your favorite? I like Black Widow.

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Funny pictures about Age Of Ultron Characters Reimagined As Medieval Fantasy. Oh, and cool pics about Age Of Ultron Characters Reimagined As Medieval Fantasy. Also, Age Of Ultron Characters Reimagined As Medieval Fantasy photos.

Malaysian illustrator Daniel Kamarudin has a knack for creating dark rendition of popular characters. | This Dark And Gritty Avengers Artwork Will Make You Even More Psyched To See "Age Of Ultron"

Ironman of Marvel :) The Avengers reumagined in a dark dantasy realm by the brilliant digital artist Daniel Kamarudin aka theDURRRRIAN.

Los Vengadores estilo medieval mejores que los originales

enzakel-amos: “Artist Daniel Kamarudin has created a series of art that reimagines several characters from Marvel’s Avengers in a dark fantasy alternate universe. It’s called Avengers: Dark Fantasy,.


Malaysian artist Daniel Kamarudin has added his own take on the superheroes into the mix and the result is awesome. He has re-imagined the gang as