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the hourglass sanatorium (1973)
the hourglass sanatorium (1973)
the collage shows several different scenes with people and trees in them, including one woman sitting
Lisova Pisnya, Mavka / 1981 / Yuri Ilyenko
two different shots of people in the water
The Art of Love / 1983 / Walerian Borowczyk
a man and woman are walking down a long hallway with red walls on either side
The Modtastic World of 1967's Casino Royale
two pictures one with a plate and the other has a woman sitting at a table
Paradise hills
three mannequins standing in front of curtains with their hands up and arms outstretched
The Ritz (1976)
Flims, Movie Art, Movie Buff, Film Posters, Strange Movies
Street of Crocodiles 1986
two pictures of a woman in white and gold with an ornate mirror behind her, both showing the same face
Immoral Tales/ 1973/ Walerian Borowczyk
a woman with blue hair and makeup holding something in her hand while standing next to another woman
Screenshots from Voyage of the unicorn (2001)
three women with makeup on their faces are sitting at a table in front of curtains
Only A Woman: Queen of Outer Space (1958)
a woman in a pink tutu sitting on a chair
Hello Baby (1976) | MUBI
a man standing on top of a statue surrounded by blue and pink flowers in front of a curtain
Dark Habits (1983)
multiple shots of trains passing each other in different directions
City of Women (1980) Directed by Federico Fellini. Cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno
a movie poster for the 1971 film psychic out starring actors from left to right susan strack,
Psych-Out (American International, 1968). Poster (30" X 40"). | Lot #50410 | Heritage Auctions