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Man Flowers...

I will would so marry this person if they gave me bacon roses! Bacon Bouquet: Well if this isn't the saddest and yet most hilarious thing I've ever seen, then I can just eat my hat cuz this is 'murcia.

Pinner said: DIY treasure book. If you use your imagination you could put anything in these pockets. For example i would put every flower petal that my boyfriend has given me the past year because he loves giving me flowers all the time. And them when I fill the book up I will give it to him as a crafty anniversary present. But thats just my idea of what I could possibly do. Whats yours?

Treasure book by Véronique from Pichouline what you'll need: *you can choose between glassine bags, paper bags or envelopes - you can choose the quantity yourself, I used 10 bags. *scissors *glue stick *tape *cord *magazine, craft paper or coloured.