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Ask/Daré "Bendy And The Ink Machine" autorstwa -ImToyBon-

Hey guys this is my first stoy so sorry for bad grammer. I honestly want to that Edgysage for the idea for this story so thank you so much and { clears throught and talks in a bendy voice} so hope yall enjoy and the cover is what bendy look like :D

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Ongoing • Owari no Seraph • Последний Серафим | VK

Ongoing • Owari no Seraph • Последний Серафим | VK

Bill Cipher

so i was thinking, bill is from ''the dreamscape''. wich is probebly the 4 dimention, and sinds things look diverend in dimentions for ecample an circle in and schaded ball in and rouwnd ball in bill is probebly looking diverend in h

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