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Lucyna Walaszczyk
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What is inbound marketing? As its name suggests, drawing customers into a business with helpful, entertaining, educational and – above all – high quality content that appears on the business website.

17. Kino na Granicy / 17. Kino na Hranici | Cieszyn 28.04 - 3.05.2015r.

Kino na Granicy / Kino na Hranici


it ain't the best photo in the world but what did you want for a piece of paper, an old rubber duckie and the pm sunlight? rubber duckie on white paper

Petra, Jordan.  Compare the size of the men and camels to the size of the entrance - on entering the 'building' one sees Indiana Jones in the mind's eye and it becomes The Temple of Doom, just like the movie.

We went to Petra last year and I cannot express my feelings about this. Turning around this exact corner took my breath away! It's an amazing and overwhelming feeling seeing all of this!