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an anime character holding a stuffed animal in her hands and wearing blue pants with white hair
椿つばる (@tubarururu) / X
a group of young men sitting at desks in front of a whiteboard with writing on it
this man is living in 3019
Manga, Art, Character Design, Hentai, Cute, Furry Drawing
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a white cat with blue eyes sitting on the ground in front of a blurry background
comic strip with an image of two cats and one cat saying what's that?
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a drawing of a cat reading a book
a drawing of a person with a cat on their shoulder and the caption's name written below it
リカヲン on Twitter
two cartoon cats sitting next to each other
a drawing of a racoon sitting on top of a pillow with its eyes closed
an image of a boy standing in front of a locker with his hands on his hips
a black and white cat laying on the floor
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