More ideas from NIEBO/RAJ
# DA photo

GRL PWR: Justin Fantl —the hand itself is not distorted, but there are tiny clouds surrounding it that are removing the nail polish. they're like floating cloud cotton balls.

# DA photo

BonLook Photography: Nik Mirus, Set Design: Oliver Stenberg love the idea of organising still lives but do not like the pastel colours, i could create still lives that are much more dark and moody,


words Zarah Cheng All works are by The Taable. We chat with the founders of multidisciplinary creative team, The Taable, Amanda Kusai and Axel Oswith. We learn more about their collaborative process and how they create their quirky, minimalistic images.


LES NÉBULEUSES this project renews with one of Ying Gao’s lyricism rich theme as she continues her exploration of the influences between the individual and his/her environment.

marble & diamond print

Could look more modern & masculin with black background. Use tiles/fabrics etc. cut outs to represent different spaces in the lettings. Could be used as icons throughout the site.