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Teaching young students about MLK Day is very important, yet it can be difficult to explain to students how things used to be long ago when there was segregation. Read this blog post for some great ideas.

Getting Ready for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Teaching young students about MLK Day is very important, yet it can be difficult to explain to students how things used to be long ago when there was segregation. Here is a great video made by young students that explains the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in a very simplified way in which kids will understand. One of my favorite MLK books to read to students is "Martin's Big Words; The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." by Doreen Rappaport. This picture book brings to life Martin's…

Unit plan on citizenship for the littlest kiddos. Good at making concept relevant to them. Engaging activities.

Good Citizenship

My goodness I have so much to share with you! Sorry for being MIA for the past month....I have been on fall break AND I was moving to a new apartment so life has been crazy! Before we went on break we did so many wonderful things that I can't wait to share with you: Mo Willems Author Study, fiction writing and learning about good citizens. I won't bombard you with all of that today so I'll start with our citizenship unit. After I saw the AMAZING clipart from Melonheadz of so many amazing…

Squarehead Teachers:  If I Were President (Writing Activity). 2 free printable versions (1 for lower grades and one for upper grades). Great activity for President's Day or learning about branches of government.

If I Were President (Writing Activity)

I’m one of those people who sees an idea, or a printable or a worksheet, and says “Shoot! I don’t have a dollar for that! I should just make one myself!” I know some of you …


Rights and Responsibilities Social Studies Unit

JUST UPDATED!! This unit features 5 activities about rights and responsibilities in our community and school. It could be used anywhere from Kindergarten up to 2nd or even 3rd grade. Included in this set: -Posters with definitions and examples -Rights and responsibilities bubble map- Students give...

First week of school, "No, David" activity - classroom rules book

F is for First Grade

literally. We study plants at the beginning of each year and this pollination activity is my favorite for a few reasons. a)it really helps the kids understand and remember what pollination is all about b)it's a way to get in some fun artsy craftsy time and we call it "science" c)they're so darn cute buzzing around to each flower So here's what we do: 1. Each child decorates a flower (pomping style with tissue paper, does anyone still use the word "pomping" or even know what I mean?). 2. Then…

Class rules and expectations. Practiced with Whole Brain Teaching.


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No David Dolls...__________ is a peacemaker!

I am a Peacemaker Activity

This activity includes patterns and directions to make "David" from the David Series by David Shannon. This activity can be seen on my blog at under the label No David. I've also included labels for a Peacemakers& Peacebreakers chart. Julie Lee...

Classroom Rules book -- FREEBIE

Gold Tags Behavior Management Plan - A Teeny Tiny Teacher

A week from today, I will be in my classroom and there will be children staring at me. And not the neighborhood children who keep seeing me in my pajamas in the middle of the day, either. Nope. It will be real, live, actual, human first graders. I cannot even believe it. We go back …

First Grade Wow: Constitution Day

Constitution Day

Hello Everyone! Constitution Day is coming up next week (Sept 17). We are required to teach our kiddos about the important concepts on which our country was found. We plan on using David Catrow's book We the Kids as a starting place for some good discussions and sharing. We put together this little book for the kids to make and show their interpretations of some of the mature concepts. I am excited to see what they come up with! There are pages for each phrase in the preamble. The unit…

{Back to School} and Being Good Citizens! ...for Kindergar

{Back to School} and Being Good Citizens! ...for Kindergarten and First Grade

You are receiving resources perfect for building an awareness of citizenship, government, community, authority and power. Would work nicely into your Back to School Lessons of building a Classroom Community in First Grade and Kindergarten.This pack includes the following resources:13 different mini ...


RULES AND LAWS Why We Have Them And Follow Them / Distance Learning

Do you have a student or two who is resistant to FOLLOWING RULES? Who feels that rules are not necessary, just made to torture kids, or who thinks the rules appy to everyone but him/her?I had a student who believed there should be no rules! Yikes! As you can imagine, this caused him a lot of difficu...

Why People Have Laws - use on the 1st or 2nd day of school to introduce rules

Why People Have Laws

Follow the animated characters Shiver, Gobble and Snore as they discover the pitfalls and importance of having rules in society. (OPP Museum accession number...

"What If Everybody Did That?" Read Aloud - YouTube

"What If Everybody Did That?" Read Aloud

Read aloud of the book "What If Everybody Did That?" by Ellen Javernick.

There's Rules?

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There's Rules? I know it summer, but I go back to school in about 3 more weeks so my brain has already been thinking about all that goes into starting a new year. One of the single most important things you can do with your students is establish rules and routines. Never assume they already know them. I've learned that the hard way. Just pretend they all have amnesia when they come in. They need to hear your rules and your expectations. Every year and every teacher is different. One of the…