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Teacher’s T-Shirts | Teacher Graphic Tees
three different desserts with chocolate and marshmallow toppings
Candy Bar Hot Chocolate - Almond Joy, Reeses, and Twix
Just when you think homemade hot chocolate can't get any better... Almond Joy, Reeses, and Twix hot chocolate!
two shots of mint and white chocolate hot cocoa
Cooking Heaven
DELICIOUS Mint and White Chocolate Hot Cocoa - it will be your new favorite holiday drink. It's easy to make and so addicting!
a green cover letter with the words how to ask for donations on it and an image of
Fundraiser Donation Request Letter
Download our free donation letter request template.
an info poster with many different types of boats in the water and on top of each other
12 Moments Every Nonprofit Event Planner Understands [GIFs]
a gift basket filled with candy and snacks
Awesome Gift Baskets to Make for Everyone on Your Christmas List (Crafts a la Mode)
Making gift baskets is SO much fun especially when you can tailor it to a specific family. It's great when you know what they like. I try to pay attention to what the person or family is interested in
the top ten fun ideas for nonprofits infographics on pinterest
50 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas
Are you looking for new fundraising ideas for your nonprofit organization? Perhaps you do the same events every year and you are looking for something a little different. Maybe you are just getting…
a basket filled with candy and snacks on top of a carpeted floor next to a door
25 Well-Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Any Ocassion
Gift Baskets are always SO fun to receive – but do you struggle with how to put together the perfect personalized bundle for somebody else? I created an easy and sweet DIY gift basket for a baker or anyone who loves kitchen goodies! (So, basically, for anyone.) Using a batter bowl and some inexpensive ...
three glasses filled with different types of drinks
Summer Infused Water for Kids
These 3 fun-filled Summer Infused Waters are perfect for both your kids and you!
a jar filled with lots of candy and a sign that says i am busting with happiness that you are my teacher
The BEST Back to School Teacher Gifts | Skip To My Lou
The BEST Back to School Teacher Gifts
two girls blowing out candles on a table at an outdoor event with other people in the background
Ice ice baby... Beer Olympics game: fill up an ice cube tray with beer and use a curly straw to drink. Timed game.
the printable water drinking tracker for kids
Staying hydrated on the go - for mommy's dragons- Mommy Blog- family travel blog- homeschool blog
Staying hydrated on the go - free printable chart for tracking water drinking with kids.