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an architectural drawing of a building with red seats on the roof and stairs leading up to it
Zaha Hadid
Marker rendering - Architectural drawings
an image of the ocean with boats on it and some cliffs in the background, as well as information about what to do
Al Límite_MESC1182
Al Límite || Concurso de Ideas Internacional Mediterranean Sea Club Ibiza
a house with a pool in front of it and a stone wall next to it
The Dovecote by AZO
This is an emotional design. Our client asked us to reform an old dovecote in the backyard of his home. We decided to propose a play house for the children a...
an exterior view of a modern house with stairs leading up to it
Account Suspended
Valle Imperial 142 by CREATO Arquitectos
the building has many windows on it and is made out of concrete with black trim
Gallery of Multicarpet Rollux Showroom / +arquitectos - 16
Image 16 of 24 from gallery of Multicarpet Rollux Showroom / +arquitectos. Photograph by Aryeh Kornfeld
a large brick building sitting on the side of a road
Gallery of Shoreham Street / Project Orange - 11
"Parasitic Architecture" >> Shoreham Street, Sheffield, England by Project Orange on
an empty room with stone walls and flooring is shown in this image, there are only one light on the wall
We know what's good for you
old-new tension. João Luís Carrilho da Graça - Archaeological museum at the Castle of São Jorge, Lisbon 2010. Via, photos (C) Fernando Guerra.
a yellow staircase going up the side of a building
Gillespie Yunnie Architects - Escalera Royal William Yard
Gillespie Yunnie Architects - Escalera Royal William Yard
an empty room with exposed brick and glass walls
Galería de Intermediae Matadero Madrid / Arturo Franco - 1
Wow. Fantastic. Intermediae Matadero Madrid / Arturo Franco © Carlos Fernández Piñar #architecture #design
a brick building with a skylight on the roof
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Kaleidoscope Creative
some people are walking by the water and buildings
Architectes - Urbanistes — Carta - Reichen et Robert Associés
Vue de l'extension contemporaine du Fort Saint-Jean à Marseille, Carta associés architectes
two people standing on the side of a body of water next to a large building
T FALL TRAVEL - T Magazine The Secret Capital of France Historic Fort Saint-Jean, built in the 17th-century by Louis XIV and recently renovated by the architect Roland Carta, is now part of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations.
an artist's rendering of a building with spires in the background and people walking around