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six different font styles in black, pink, green and white with the same color scheme
Custom Vibrant Color Palette Creation
Color Inspiration! 🌈 We've had an absolute blast curating these stunning color palettes for our incredible custom branding clients. From playful pastels that whisper a hint of whimsy to bold and brilliant tones that demand attention. Your brand deserves to stand out, and these handcrafted palettes are here to spark your imagination. Want to have a custom palette designed, as unique as your business? January Made Design has got you covered!
a person is holding their stomach with different colors on it and the words terracotta above them
House Bodhi | Yoga Boutique Hotel | Color palette
CHEYENNE • Collection 074
a brochure with different colors and text on it, including the same color scheme
Elegant, refined, minimalistic and pure color palette for branding project
four different shades of brown, green and white with the words color swatches on them
The bold, sophisticated colour palette for interior designer Liz Schneider