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My beautiful little rainbow Loki

Rainbow Loki Casual reminder that Loki is canonically genderfluid and bi xD (to be confirmed in the movies, but like, the Lady Loki era, which started his journey in the comics, was post ragnarok as well :P and in the movies neither his sexual.

Hiddles Gives The Best Hugs. Lots And Lots Of Hugs, To Everyone! | This Post Will Destroy Your Life - Tom Hiddleston

Tom looks like he gives really sincere and amazing hugs. I want a Hiddleston Hug. Not everyone gives amazing hugs, but people who do are definitely memorable to me.

I love this

This is very true >>>> "I find it ironic that crazy Loki fangirls think all he needs is a hug, when in the Avengers movie he scoffs at sentiment.yet, I continue to be a crazy Loki fangirl who would gladly give him a hug:) "