powstanie warszawskie -

Polska walcząca - Resistência polonesa à invasão alemã na guerra

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, red-hot success | Italian Ways

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sold for 12 million dollars at auction!

Jarvis Cocker's top 10 music books

Jarvis Cocker's top 10 music books

From Moominvalley to the Beatles, Jarvis Cocker on the books that blow his musical mind

kate gross

Farewell to my daughter Kate, who died on Christmas day

Kate Gross died of cancer on Christmas morning. She was and left behind a husband and five-year-old twin boys. Her mother describes Kate’s final moments

Our first book this year is out now. Yay! Tadeusz Różewicz is one of the greatest Polish authors alive & his book Mother Departs won NIKE Award - the Polish Booker. We have 10 copies to give away. Repin to win & email your address to us: editor@storkpress.co.uk

Mother Departs now available on Kindle UK. Beautiful and tender book about a son's love for his dying mother.

Confidant – Baron Fig


The Confidant hardcover notebook comes in Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid.


Brick by brick: the building blocks of civilisation – in pictures

Technical Administration Building of Hoechst AG Frankfurt, Germany, 1924 Peter Behrens

Steven Pinker thinks he knows the secrets of good prose, but his tortuous book   suggests otherwise

The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker, review: 'waffle and bilge'

Steven Pinker on the Rules of Writing: Bad English has always been with us, but clarity and style are far more important than observing dusty usage diktats