Norbert Grzegorczyk

Norbert Grzegorczyk

Norbert Grzegorczyk
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Firefighter Helmet

C-Thru: Helmet Enables Firefighters To See Through Smoke. add that to a fullface MC helmet ! Team BlackSheep Discovery ARF Quadcopter Platform

Zero helicopter concept - The age of aerial personal mobility may soon be upon us judging from the ubiquity of designs like the Zero helicopter concept. The Zero helicopter .

Cool Sci-Fi Machines, Robot. #robot #machines []

A selection of 16 illustrations of mecha and science fiction, with some references to Spawn or Street Fighter, created ?by illustrator Reza Ilyasa.

10 Fantastic Futuristic Materials that Actually Exist Today

Sometimes technology leaps so far ahead it seems like the future has arrived a few years early. Teflon is a perfect example – here are 10 “teflons” that are adding some tomorrow t…

Really nice and slightly unusual helmet designs. A bit more grounded in present day than some of the more sci-fi suggestions. Maybe a little too standard military though.

Next Big Future: Alex Jessup Detailed Future Soldier Concept Art and the real military TALOS and Warrior Web projects

The "Smart Home" is here! Is it affordable for the common home owner? - #IoT #Smart #Home

Smart home appliances could become more common thanks to efforts by major companies including Lowe’s and Staples to make gadgets compatible.

Happy Feet is a solution for cleaning and sanitizing shoes.

This appliance called Happy Feet, is a solution for cleaning and sanitizing shoes. It uses charcoal, and ultraviolet rays to eliminate odors and sterilize shoes, both inside and out. Sleek lotus shape, and a spectacular light show when it operates.