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www.flumes.com is a real-time social media tracking and analysis platform, collecting information, links, videos and photos to pull out the most popular tweets. Our team joined the project as outsources and was responsible for the process of implementation of the new design and web development (RoR, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass).

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ProFinda is an internal talent and knowledge matching (SaaS) system which digitalises any workforce. By offering unique matching technology, ProFinda makes it far easier to find your best talent and connect them to the right projects, win pitches, help on tasks and support client needs. Netguru work included both ProFinda’s front & back-end development, building new features and testing.

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Netguru joined forces with Skrill's team based in Berlin & Sofia to create account.skrill.com - an application for online payment account management - an integral part of the new Skrill website. We took care of implementing and presenting the user workflows using the pre-existing API services.

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http://zarombisci.pl RoR, Coffee Script, Haml, MySQL, integration with Twitter Bootstrap elements and Avantis system (SMS-messaging management), old database migration process

http://zarombisci.pl has been founded as a networking platform operating a loyalty program based on points & prize system. Netguru team helped to move the project forward by bringing to life the new version of the site and taking care of its entire technological part. The main focus was to make it both user-friendly and functional. Members can communicate with each other, create and join thematic grups, as well as earn additional activity points e.g. for ranking posts or inviting new…

http://RateMyArea.com is a unique place where users share their opinions on favorite spots with friends, family and people living in their area. Additionally, the portal is also dealing with selling vouchers for local services. Being a product of Locate Online Ltd it is one the largest online platforms of this type in Ireland. Our team had a real pleasure to help with the web app upgrading and developing as well as with adding new features (RoR, jQuery, mobile HTML)

FixMyArea is an easy to use native iPhone application, created by Netguru for Locate Online Ltd, that enables its users to report a local problem by posting a photo with an issue description and matching it with a specific location on a map of Ireland. The app is already available for purchase in Itunes Store! (objective c, cocoa touch, RESTkit) Don't forget to visit http://fixmyarea.com too!

http://Aplikacja.multibaza.pl is a project realized fully by the Netguru developers.The application provides teachers with the teaching supplies, used for the presentations appearing later on the interactive whiteboards in school classrooms. Materials provided by the PWN are ranking from images and text, to films, music and interactive Flash games. Over and above, we've created a nice control panel, which makes managing users and school supplies a piece of cake (RoR, MySQL, JS, HTML/CSS…

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https://LeapCR.com is all-in-one Employee Engagement Software for boosting employee engagement within companies. LeapCR provides the tools to mobilise, manage and measure corporate responsibility activity and company culture. Netguru has taken the project over and we're running it through our standard engineering process being responsible for the entire technological aspect and the further business development of the platform (RoR, JavaScript/jQuery).

Demand Beer is a handy app that lets you share the cost of buying beer and cider for friends directly within Facebook. We've joined the crew of developers and were responsible for the back-end side of the project to make sure the purchasing process runs nice & smoothly.Currently we're also working hard to launch the stand-alone version of the app (integration with payment gateway, technologies: Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js). Ready to Roll? Launch the app! http://demandbeer.com!

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