Half the fun of having lots of pretty jewelry is storing it in such a way that it acts almost as an extra decoration for your bedroom. Jewelry is so nice to look at that it shouldn’t shoved into a drawer, or only put on display when you’re wearing it. The only issue? Figuring out where to put said jewelry can be a little difficult. There are so many options for jewelry storage out there that it can get overwhelming – not to mention expensive.

18 Gorgeous DIY Trays And Dishes To Hold Your Jewelry

DIY: Leather Jewelry Dish All you need is: leather, ruler, multi hole punch tool, scissors studs, and a pencil!

StoxBox Hosiery Organizer | The Container Store

StoxBox Hosiery Organizer

StoxBox Hoisery Organizer: Rather than stuff a tangled mess of stockings into your drawer, use this clever organizer to neatly store and display hosiery. Simply slip one leg over the box and tuck the excess into the small opening.

Komplet 3 pudełek na buty „Pablo”, 21, 5 x 16 cm

Komplet 3 pudełek na buty „Pablo”, 5 x 16 cm

Organizer do szuflady na bieliznę czarny

IKEA SKUBB Box with compartments Black cm Helps you organise socks, belts and jewellery in your wardrobe or chest of drawers.