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All children need to jump, bounce and skip and hop,  and it isn’t very difficult to encourage them to do so! But when kids move to music, they are getting so much more than just exercise. They are developing their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, concentration and cognitive abilities. By …

10 Best Songs for Gross Motor Movement - Let's Play Music

These best 10 songs for Gross motor movement have plenty of ideas to keep the liveliest toddlers active!

The Book Fairy-Goddess: First Week of Lessons (PK-2nd)

First Week of Lessons (PK-2nd) - Lessons by Sandy

I love the first week of library lessons!! While it’s often a blur of activity, it’s always fun to see the kids walking into the library, some for the first time, some for the 100th time, but all of them having that look of excitement. I know just how they feel! ... Read more

Jungle Song

Children's Jungle Song

An illustrated jungle themed song featuring verses about a tiger, an elephant, a crocodile, a hippopotamus, a giraffe and a lion. Goes to the tune of twinkle, twinkle, little star.

transportation song lyrics. Change to be about Jesus: I'm a little airplane way up high,   I know that Jesus is my guide.  I'll wait for Him to tell me where to fly,   He knows best and He's my guide.

Transportation Songs and Poems

Transportation themed songs with printable lyrics sheets and craft or coloring pages to go with.

Learning Body Parts with Toddlers and Preschoolers. Including "The Wiggle Song" Printable and other songs, activities, and motor ideas! Follow @ALLterNATIVElrn {Kara Carrero} for more weekly learning themes.

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers

Have fun teaching toddlers body parts with these fun motor games and activities. Make learning body parts fun and memorable with songs, dances, and more!

Great Mother's day craft

Mother's Day Projects~Part 1

Here's the poem I used, found at Little Giraffes: I'm your little flower, Mom. Please help me grow a...

17 action songs for toddlers and preschoolers - perfect for rainy days when you have high-energy kids who need to get the wiggles out! Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

The Best Music for Energetic Kids

Looking for preschool music that helps energetic kids? This collection is perfect for getting those wiggles out, especially when stuck indoors!

All The Little Ducks Go Upside Down: Fun action song about ducks which encourages singing, movement and a lot of giggles! In this activity, kids learn rhythm recognition, pitch notes, imaginative movement, practice speech and vocabulary and more!

All The Little Ducks Go Upside Down : Action Song - Let's Play Music

All the Little Ducks Go Upside Down is an action song that encourages singing, movement and a lot of giggles! YouTube clip and free sheet music.