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Why do we add S to some words but ES to others? And when a word ends with Y, how do we know whether to change the Y to I before adding the plural suffix? And why on earth does knife become knives? You can unravel these mysteries with six simple rules.

Spelling Rules for Making Words Plural (Video + Poster!)

Curious about spelling rules for making words plural, such as why we add S to some words but ES to others? Find answers in this comprehensive blog post!

This+poster+is+to+use+in+your+writing+center.+It+helps+kids+to+see+the+importance+of+making+a+complete+thought/sentence!+:)  Thank+you+for+your+time!+:)+

Stretch a Sentence

This poster is to use in your writing center. It helps kids to see the importance of making a complete thought/sentence! :) Any questions or changes please email me at Thank you for your time! :) ...

Who/What/Where/When/Why/How in the world-WH Questions kids struggle with. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Who/What/Where/When/Why/How in the world…

Happy Halloween SLPeeps! “I love when Halloween is on a Wednesday”… said NO person who works with or has children EVER! I hope you’re surviving this crazy week! We’v…

DIY Magic e wands.  24 FREE CVC/CVCe templates.  Great for literacy centers or small group instruction

DIY Magic e Wands - Make Take & Teach

Look what I found at the Dollar Tree! The Dollar Tree is literally a gold mine of fun stuff for creating engaging classroom activities. I found this pack of three foam wands in the arts and crafts section and thought how easy it would be to write an “e” on the star and make them into […]

Free Consonant Blends and Digraphs Chart

Consonant Blends and Digraphs Chart

Engaging pictures on this consonant blends and digraphs chart gives your students cue words and pictures to help them remember the most common consonant blends and digraphs. This chart along with 15 hands-on activities are contained in the Consonant Blends and Digraphs Activity Pack First Grade Co...

Spelling Rules

In this six part series on How to Teach Spelling, this third post discusses and provides teaching resources for teaching the eight conventional spelling rules.

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte...

Hard and Soft G sound - The Giant Flower Garden

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte...

"Two Letters that Work Together" song for blends br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, bl, cl, fl . . . we did this today as an intro to blends and it was successful :)


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vowels chart

Mrs. Gillespie's thoughts

We talked about church symbols in religion today, and I took the children on a field trip. We went to St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England. Oh, you're right, it wasn't a REAL field trip, just a virtual tour. The children really enjoyed the spectacular moving images and different views from each part of the massive cathedral. They noticed different details and all wanted to jump on a plane to actually tour this impressive structure. All of them begged for the link, so here it is…

Teaching the Hard and Soft “C” and “G”

Teaching the Hard and Soft “C” and “G” (Make, Take & Teach)

Our little first graders will soon be introduced to the two sounds of “c” and “g”. Those two consonants are a bit tricky as they make different sounds depending upon the letter that follows in the wor