Nela Kalinowska

Nela Kalinowska

Nela Kalinowska
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teeth whitening home remedy. Ok when I first saw this I thought no way, its gonna have a nasty taste and my mouth is gonna fizz from the peroxide and baking soda, BUT it didnt AND it actually made my teeth whiter, without leaving a nasty taste in my mou

Santa & Reindeer Christmas Nail Art

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic day today and Santa spoils you all with new nail polish :) (nails all done with nail polish. No acrylic paint) ♡♡♡

31 Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

Put the finishing touch on your holiday outfit with an awe inspiring festive Christmas nail art design. From whimsical to chic to sophisticated, your beautifully manicured nails will be the hit of .

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