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Aww, Legolas has the archery prodigies (Hawkeye, Katniss? Merida) and Loki has all the ice children(Jack and Elsa)

Swimmers take to track and field. OMGOODNESS Hannah!!! This is just what we talked about!!!!!! Perfect!

I don't even understand what is happening.I CAN'T (gif) <<< this is hilarious!

Ok l time just say there needs to be a Greek letter or trident or something for Percy Jackson

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When you clearly skipped history class and mess with the wrong one hahaha

funny divergent | ... !!! OMG!! So funny!!! FOUR (Divergent, ... | I Am Divergent love this! ⭐

Outfit Yourself in Magical Handmade Harry Potter Memorabilia

Ya i love divergent guys u must look it its wonderful and insugent as well n fans will know what came after

Pamiętaj - nigfy nie gub długopisu

Pamiętaj - nigfy nie gub długopisu