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a person holding a jar filled with liquid
Bee Hive DIY | In case you missed it. Bee Hive DIY | By We Craft Around | Hey everybody, it's Beth. Today I'm using one of these little plastic cloches from Dollar Tree. What I do is I make sure to leave the lid on the bottom so I can line up the rope right. I hawk glue it all the way around the bottom. And then on the second row I just kind of tuck it and then move on to the next row. Just hot gluing it all the way around to the top. And it does take me two packs of the nautical rope from Dollar tree. When I get to the end of the first set of rope I cut it making sure that the rope is in the back where it had started so the front of it is nice and clean. And then just hot glue the second set of rope right to that first one and finish that going all the way up. And with some of the rope I had left I made a little top for it. Just hot gluing just a half circle on the top. Kinda looks like a little handle on the top. And to make sure that that is facing the front, the cleanest side that I'll be using. And then I had just enough rope left to make this little circle. I hot glued the ends of it together. And lining that up with the top I had made on the front and I just hot glue the back of that and then place it down on the rest of the rope. Next I take ink colored chalk paint by Waverly and apply that with a sponge to this glass candle holder that I got from Dollar Tree and I do two coats on that as well as the little bottom of the cloche. I do just around the rim. I know it's already black but I wanted it to match well with the candle holder. I also take the same black chalk paint and paint the inside of that little circle I had hot glued on there. And I just do one coat of that. Just making sure it's completely covered on the inside of that circle. And next I take a matte varnish by Waverly and apply that with a paint brush to the outside of the candle holder as well as the side of the bottom of the cloche that I had painted. This will seal in the paint prevent chipping. You could also use Mod Podge. It would work just as well. And then I take a few of these bees that I get from Amazon and hot glue them to the beehive. And I make sure to put one of them on that circle on the front where the pieces were glued together so you don't see that hot glue right there. And then just place two of them in different places on the beehive. And then I take a little bit of raffia and just kind of cut the ends of that after I looped it around and kind of match the length I had with this lace ribbon and buffalo check ribbon cutting them about the same length and then take the few pieces of raffia and wrap it around that little handle on the top and I just tie that in a knot and then I add the lace ribbon as well as the buffalo check ribbon and I do them all separate so there's not a big huge knot all lumped together around there. That's why I'm doing them separately. And then I just kind of go around and trim up the ribbons kind of at an angle. And then I put some hot glue on the top of the candle holder and place that upside down on the bottom part of the cloche stand. And then place back down the little beehive. And that's it for this project. Thank you so much for watching.
a sunflower wreath is hanging on the door
sunflowers on a red and white background with the letter e in the center
Teach Something Tuesday- Sunflowers | Teach Something Tuesday ! Let’s paint sunflowers 🌻 | By Hometown Paints | Hello everybody. It's Melanie from Hometown Paints. I hope you guys are doing well today. I thought I would come on here and paint some sunflowers with you guys. Try to get you pulled up on the canvas. I'm going to use I'm going to try to use just round brushes today. Some yellows and then I'm going to do a coral background. So let me alright got you up there. Alright so I don't ever do this but I I don't want to cover the whole background with a color. I want to just have like a rectangle in there. So, let's see if I can get this to work. And I'm just going to eyeball it. I'm going to tape off a little rectangle. It's and then paint inside it. So I'm just using masking tape. Nothing fancy. Not even painters tape. Just a cheap old masking tape. And I am using a stretch canvas today. I was going to do it on paper but if this turns out like I wanted to, I might want to hang it up. Alright. So, my rectangle will be this big. Hopefully that's big enough. We'll see. Alright. So I've got fire coral from Folk Art. I keep using this color. Probably going to run out of it soon. And then I've got this round brush and it's a size twelve but it really just depends on like what brand brush brush you have. They the the sizes are kind of arbitrary. So, it's just like a medium-sized round brush. Let's get it filled in. So if y'all are hanging out with me today, say hello. Tell me where you're from. What you're doing today. Going to try to come on here every Tuesday and teach something. I'm trying to get my lives planned out a little better so you guys will know when I'm coming. And you can watch. Alright. Put my brush in the water and blow dry that for just a minute before I pull the tape off. Let me make sure it's a good enough solid color before I pull the tape off. Thank y'all for joining me this morning. Hope everybody had a good Easter weekend. I think I might paint over this one more time. So it's more solid. Hey Diana from Dallas. I'm coming to Fort Worth in September. Never been there before. I'm excited. I gotta get on an airplane. I haven't done that in a few years so I'm feeling a little nervous about that part. But it'll be fun I guess hopefully. Alright. That should be good. And dry it. Dry it again. Alright, now I'm going to pull this tape off. Alright. Stick it somewhere over here so it's out of the way. Um not sure if I like that. Maybe I should have done it bigger. I don't know. Hey Sherry from North Carolina. And Milano. Where's Milano? Are you in Italy? Cuz that would. Oh stop it. Now Siri is talking. Oh my goodness. My iPad has gone crazy. It started to call somebody. How does the iPad even call anybody? Whoo. Okay, here we go. Um I squirted out some dark chocolate. That's a deco art color and I'm not going to switch brushes. I'm just going to wash it out and my water. And then I'm going to start with the centers. And my centers may not end up looking like this eventually. Or you know at the end but we're just going to get something in there so we know where to place our flowers. And our flowers and our foliage are going to overlap this box. That was my plan from the beginning. Alright, so I just did a simple little circle from my sunflower centers and then I'm going to get out a few different colors of yellow. So, I have medium yellow from Folk Art I have yellow ochre from Folk Art. If I can get it out. That was lovely. And then lemonade from Folk Art which is one's like a bright yellow, one's a mustard yellow, and this one's like a light yellow. Scoot that over. And then I'm going to get some white. Just plain old white out. Alright. So what I'm going to do is use this round brush to make my petals. And the shape of this round brush if you get it in the right shape it has this pointy end. Um so I'm going to dip into the bright yellow and just lay my brush down and smoosh it down. And it it's going to kind of look like a petal. You see that? Just kind of pick it up when you get to the edge. Of the brown. And maybe I should have made that longer. And sometimes you have to turn the canvas So it's all filled in. So now you can go into one of those different colors. And you can go in between. You can go on top of We're just going to put a bunch of layers on these flowers. So we'll start. We'll start here. And then I'm going to go ahead and do these other flowers. Hey Anthony. From South Texas. So this part's easy. If you get the right kind of brush just and it's just a round brush. You can just sort of fill it with paint and lay it down on the canvas and it's going to kind of look like a flower petal. Hey, Beverly. Thank you so much. I'm so glad y'all are here. Alright, I'm going to go ahead and do this one up here. And sometimes I get carried away when it comes to adding layers to these things. So, I'll try not to do that today but it's easy to do. And see this is going to overlap. So, at some point, I need to decide which one's going to be on top which one's going to be on the bottom. I just put three of these flowers on here because I like to put I like to have an odd number of things. We're going to put some more stuff around here. At first, I'm going to grab some of that yellow okra color and add some in here. Because sunflowers really if you look at a real one really have really big centers and just tons of petals. I don't always do my centers. Alright, I'm going to put some of that light yellow in here and see how I like that. Might not like it. We'll see. Alright. That might look a little crazy but we're going to let that dry a minute and work on some other parts and then go back and add some more. Hey Cathy from North Carolina and thank you Beverly. Alright. Um I also want to have some greenery coming out of here. And sometimes I do my greenery first but but I didn't today. Alright, I'm going to squirt out some Houser light green. It's a deco art and I'm going to squirt out Houser dark green but it might be too dark. I don't know. I don't know yet. Still got white out there. Alright and I said I was going to use the same brush so let me see. Actually, I'm not. I lied. I'm going to get out a smaller round brush. Same kind of brush. It's just littler. Hey Diane from Southwestern Pennsylvania. Welcome welcome. Thank y'all for watching. Alright so I'm just going to take my lighter green I just draw a little branch I guess. And if you're trying to do leaves like They're sort of shaped like a football. Hmm that's dark. Let's see. But if you look I don't know. If you want to start painting flowers like either look at pictures of flowers or buy yourself some flowers. I like that option. And just start looking at the shapes. And it will help you Sometimes I don't get it quite right. That's okay. Hey, Cathy. Thank you. She said she love these flowers. I love sunflowers too. I really do. And I feel like sometimes I paint them too much over here but but I like them. I feel like I don't know. Let me get something out here. Something out there. Maybe this needs to come out here maybe. Just trying to think about balance. I want to balance the composition of the painting out. And I'm not really pushing down on this brush until I'm ready to fill it in. I'm just kind of using it very lightly just using the tip of it. And I have a ton of paint on here. So I'm using that lighter green. I'm using a little a round brush and then I'm coming back on top with like a darker green while everything's still wet and adding a little I don't know. A little extra something. A little dimension. And I haven't washed my brush out so there's still a little dark green in there even when I'm painting these light the light colors. This is kind of hard to do upside down. Hey, Mary. Thank you. You guys are so sweet. I appreciate y'all watching. It really helps things over here. The good old algorithm. When you guys watch and comment and all that good stuff. So I appreciate it. Really I do. And I'm glad that you enjoy it. Cuz I will tell y'all that I do sit here and think about it. I'm like what am I going to get on there and paint? What am I going to do? And I wasn't going to do these sunflowers because I have done sunflowers on here before but I was like eh I'll just do it anyways. Because I have a crazy week you guys. I one of my kids is homeschooled and I have to take him to another county to do his state testing this week. So all my lives are going to be early in the morning because I have all kinds of stuff to do in the afternoon. Alright. That doesn't look terrible so far I don't think. Hope hopefully not. Um let's see. Let's put some more brown in here. Make the centers look a little better. So I'm using that little brush. And I'm going to take that same brown. Which was kind of see through, right? It's not very thick. And I'm just going to kind of blob it in there a little bit. Just set the brush down. Kinda overlap the yellow just a tiny bit. Hey Cathy. Thank y'all. I'm glad y'all are so sweet. I'm glad all my sweet people are here this morning. Sometimes you just never know. Y'all don't even know. Sometimes you go on here and there's some hateful things but I just try to ignore it. So thank y'all for being sweet. Using that little little brush. So I pretty much use two brushes and they're both round brushes. One's just a little bit larger and one's a little bit smaller. And this is just helping to fill in the centers a little bit. And if some of your yellow mixes with the brown, it's alright. It's no big deal. Alright. Got some more solid centers in there. Hey Marie. Happy Tuesday. Let's see. Mary said, have you ever told us where you got your art education? I actually did go to art school. Um I do have a art degree but I will tell you guys that I didn't take a painting class. The painting teacher there was a little scary and intimidating and I was I didn't need it like I had already taken so many other classes like drawing classes and ceramics classes like pottery and all that stuff and I don't I've taken I know how to do all kinds of things. I can do print making and photography and I can develop pictures like you know by hand with film cameras. What a useful skill right? Um I can do it though. But yeah I didn't take painting in college but I have I don't know. I've just kind of picked it up. I've taken some classes online. I did take a oil class one time and now I'm talking too much so let me figure out what to do next alright I'm going to put some black out here And I still take glasses. Like I love to to learn. Like I I'm going to I just put some black out. I've still got that little brush and I'm just going to like dab some teeny tiny little dots all in the middle of these flowers. Little bitty dots. Barely touching it. But anyways I love to keep learning. Like if I don't have a class to attend or a book to read or something then I I don't know. I just feel sad. Like I feel like it helps my brain if I'm trying to learn something new. My son wants me to learn another language and I'm like I don't want to. But I don't know. I'm actually taking a painting class. Just it's from a lady and I like her style and she offered a class and I was like well heck I'll take that. So I don't know. I've been learning my whole life. I've been making art my whole life. That's for sure. I used to draw all the time when I was little. So, I'm actually probably hate to say this but I'm actually probably a better drawer than a painter. When I draw I like to draw with charcoal like that's how I learned really to do like intense drawing and it takes so long It's so time consuming. It takes forever. And I can make a pretty nice little painting you know in an hour. If I was drawing with charcoal, it's going to take me eight hours. I don't know. I actually got all my charcoal stuff out the other day and I was going to start working on a drawing for the first time in a very long time and I I don't know. Something happened that day and I didn't even get to make anything that day. Alright so that's just a bunch of little black dots. So I don't even know if you can see it that well. Alright so I went off on a tangent. Thanks Avery. Um let's see. What else y'all saying? Have you ever tried sketching with pencils and then painting? Yeah I do that sometimes. I do do that sometimes. Especially if it's something like I don't know very geometrical like a barn or building or something that you know isn't organic like a flower. If it's something that needs to look exactly right then I usually do draw that out on the canvas. Um before I try to paint it free hand. I'm going to use this little brush and dip into the white and I'm going to add some little white flowers. Just little bitty white flowers. The problem with drawing on a canvas with lead pencil like you can't do some super intense drawing on a canvas with lead pencil and then paint on top of it. You can but it's going to mix. The paint is going to mix with that lead or graphite or whatever that is. Um So I usually just kind of do the outline of whatever I'm going to paint. I'm still not 100% sure that these sunflowers are the way I want them to be. Ultimately Hey Mary said I love hearing about your art education you're welcome. Sherry said oh barn will be cool. I'm actually teaching a barn painting online pretty soon. I'll show y'all when I get done what that looks like. And actually I don't like the one that I painted. Cuz I did it real fast and the barn's a little bit crooked. Um but the one that I'm teaching will have a tracer so you guys don't have to like stress about drawing it out. I'm trying to look at this and see if I need more white flowers. Maybe I need one up here. I actually started painting before I went to art school. I had my son and I worked at a bank and I don't know why I thought that I would be a good person to work at a bank. I just thought it would be like a good job. Like a good I don't know. Daytime job. I'm going to get brown and put some centers in these little white flowers. Okay but I absolutely hated working at the bank. It was torturous to me. Um but a friend there was taken an oil painting class and I had a one year old and I just desperately needed something to do for myself and I was like I don't know because we didn't have a ton of money at that time you know it was I was like we gotta find a way because I really want to do this so I did it for about a month and a half I really didn't do it for that long but I learned a lot and I kind of I think it just gave me the confidence to realize that I could do this if I wanted to do this and that's where it all started. And then I went back to school. And here we are y'all. Alright, I think I'm going to put some yellow in here and maybe that's too much. I don't know. If you look at sunflowers, they just have kind of like this ring of color. This ring of like little dots. They're not really dots. They kind of appear as dots. Just going to sometimes it's even orange. Mary said will you put this in your Etsy store? I could. I need to really update the good old Etsy store y'all. That's one of my least favorite things to do. It's so boring. But as I was talking about earlier since I have to take my kid to do his state testing. Um I'm not exactly sure what I have to do while he's doing that. I'm not sure if I have to like sit there in a room or sit in the car or you know if I can go to Starbucks and do super important things like drink coffee. Anyways, I think I'm going to have some forced free time here all week in the afternoon where the only thing I'm able to do is do computer work and I think I'm going to I don't want to like over commit but I think I'm going to update my Etsy store. As long as I have the internet available. Alright, I'm trying to decide if I need to add some more yellow or white. You can get yellow and white on your brush so it's not such a harsh kind of add like this is where I overdo it sometimes because I just want to keep adding layers and sometimes I just overwork it. So we'll just do a little bit and kind of step back and see what we like. I like how that dark and the light overlap appear. I think I need to leave them alone. The last thing I'm going to do is take some white in that smaller brush and just add a little highlight and these flowers. Just want a little bit of the one side to have some white spots in it. Look, I didn't put any white in the green. Maybe I should have. Alright. How's that look? Maybe I need some highlights in the green. I don't know. Alright. I'm going to call it done. And I'm going to say that hopefully I will put it in in Etsy this week. Hopefully I'll get that updated this week. Alright so here's a barn. It's ignore this side because I drew it wrong. Cuz I did it real fast. But I'll give you a tracer and you'll be able to draw it correctly. Um it has some sunflower in it. So I will teach you again like how to do cool sunflowers. It's actually pretty easy. And it's pretty fun. You can hang it up for Memorial Day or oh all year long if you want to. But you can find that on my website and I will post a link to my website in here and all that good stuff. So if you want to join that that's my next one. I almost have my website set up and it's going to be good. And I'm going to more online parties on theirs and it's it's all going to be good. But right now that's the only one I got going but it should be fun. Alright so I hope y'all enjoyed that. Thank you so much for hanging out and talking to me this morning. It really does bring me joy. Um it makes everything easier on here. Sandra said she loves this painting. I would buy it. Well let me get it in at my Etsy store. Let me get it in there. Alright. Um thank y'all. Thank y'all for being kind. I hope y'all have a wonderful day and if life doesn't get too crazy I'll be back on Thursday or Friday to paint something with you again or to teach you something. Mary said make two. Alright. Maybe I'll just okay I need to paint. Maybe I'll make some prints of this. That's that's on my list of to do thing as well. It's to learn how to make prints. Alright. Thank y'all so much for being here. I love y'all. And I will see ya later this week. Have a wonderful week. Bye everybody.
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