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many different patterns and colors are on display
Karbala Iraq
an intricately decorated wall in the middle of a building with arabic writing on it
Baghdad Iraq
an ornately decorated building with a lamp on top
Mosque in Kadhimiya, raq
the entrance to an old building with intricate carvings on it
the inside of an old building with people walking around
intricate carvings on the walls of an old building
Abbasid palace in Baghdad
an arch in the side of a brick building
Abbasid palace
an ornate building with a wooden door
Learn About the Middle East Through Architecture
an archway in the middle of a building with brick walls and arches on both sides
Grand Library of Baghdad
an ornate building with blue and green tiles on the outside, against a cloudy sky
an intricate design on the side of a building's roof is seen in this image
two tall buildings with domes on top of them near some trees and bushes in front of a blue sky