DIY Guitar Effects

Schematics, pcb, layouts, ideas and tips for building guitar effects yourself. From basic fuzz, overdrives, and distortion to advanced effects.
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the wiring diagram for a mini - blender that is not in use, it has two
Mini-Blender (blends clean with effect)
StompBoXed - The Guitar Pedal Builders Repository: Mini-Blender (blends clean with effect)
an electrical box with some wires and other things in it
Building a quick Brian-May-style treble booster on Veroboard
an image of some type of electronic device with the words cornish s - 2 on it
an electrical wiring diagram showing the different types of wires
four different types of cross - stitch patterns with the words, phase inverting buffer
Inverting Phase Buffer
Perf and PCB Effects Layouts: Inverting Phase Buffer
four different types of circuit boards with the words klon centur written below them
Klon Centaur - Bare Bones
an electronic circuit diagram showing the various components and functions for each device, including two different switches
Fender Eric Clapton 25db Mid Boost
Collection of vero (stripboard) & tagboard layouts for 100s of popular guitar effects, with over 500 verified designs. DIY your own boutique effects!
three different types of electronic components with the words jetboost written below each one
JFET Boost
Perf and PCB Effects Layouts: JFET Boost
an electronic circuit diagram with various components
DOD 230 Noise Gate | Online stripboard layout editor!
the circuit diagram for an electronic device, with different types of wires and other electrical components
Plexituna - Marshall Plexi in-a-box
an electronic circuit diagram with three different types of switches and two separate wires on the same board
Prescription Electronics Clean Octave Blend
Guitar FX Layouts: Prescription Electronics Clean Octave Blend
four different types of electronic devices with the words one - knob noise gate on them
One-Knob Noise Gate
two diagrams showing how to use the multi - cab circuit
MultiCab Simulator