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a store front with flowers on the side and a cart in front that says laduree
people sitting at tables in front of a building with plants growing on the side of it
32 hours in paris
people swimming in the water next to buildings and trees on both sides of the lake
Nesso, Lago Di Como, Italy 🇮🇹
people are standing on the beach under a rock formation and looking out at the water
konstantina r (@JnantinR) on X
a person hanging from a tree in the water
Beauty : Target
Koh Phi Phi Pileh Lagoon Thailand
the beach is surrounded by trees and clear blue water, with people swimming in it
a person swimming in a pool surrounded by lush green trees and bushes on either side
a man is paddling his kayak through the water in front of some cliffs
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery and water spouting from the ceiling
people swimming in the water near some rocks
three pigs swimming in the ocean together