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Business English Opole. BEC. BULATS. Offer for firms...

Do you want to learn Business English? If so, please do check out my website:
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MBA - Magister Administracji Biznesu. Discuss business...

MBA - Masters in Business Administration. Angielski dla administracji Opole


MBA - Masters in Business administration. Are you a Leader?

Learn Business English in Style in the heart of Opole. Get a free cup of tea and relax talking to a qualified professional

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Best Language - Training & consultancy

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Real estate english. Angielski dla nieruchomości.

Real estate english

Real estate english. Angielski dla nieruchomości.

Native English Speaking Teacher

Piers Midwinter - Opole Poland - Native English Speaking Teacher

Piers Midwinter’s page on –

Piers Midwinter (Native.English.Speaking.Teacher) on

Infographic: Angielski-w-Biznesie-Opole

Angielski-w-Biznesie-Opole - Infogram, charts & infographics

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Best Language Piers Midwinter

Best Language Piers Midwinter in Opole, Województwo opolskie. Near Solaris

Best Language Piers Midwinter

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Talk about Logistics Management either Online or in Opole

Logistics management - required when you set up a business

Best Language provides a good place to learn Business English. Please do check out my profile on Houzz and also visit my website to book a lesson...

Best Language - Opole, PL 45054

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Do you want a Business Consultation? I provide professional Business advice Online or in Opole. For more information, please visit my website...

Business Consultation - Discuss what to do and how?