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Don't know where I'd ever wear it but I like the styling.

Retro Headband Retro Headband PolyesterBe the big cat of the dancefloor with this "Aria Headband" from Banned.

Black HELL BUNNY ~ViCToRiaN KiMoNo~Satin Japanese Steampunk Mini Dress

I like the idea of kimonos, but couldn't find one I liked until this. *sigh* Well, if it were possible to own one, I'd wear it with shorts and over-the-knee boots/sandals.

Would work in almost any setting, thinking mixed with futuristic and late 1800s set with old english tendencies and advanced technologies.

Kumrite dresses were simple and thin and often white to accommodate the hot dessert sun, but they did not lack elegance and elaboration.