Heath Ledger as The Joker. One of a kind, irreplaceable, we won't see an actor of his caliber for a very long time.

How many joker fans are here?

First of all, I love Heath Ledger's Joker. But the reason why I pin this is because of the photos taken of his back. You can TELL he is The Joker from his back because Heath was full body acting. And it's beautiful to see.

Wonder Woman Quotes 2017 - A list of top top quotes from the movie!

Wonder Woman Quotes 2017

Wonder Woman Quotes 2017 - A list of top top quotes from the movie! Tell us your favorite movie line if we missed it! There were some great quotes!

Welcome to what would have been gotham high

Fun Fact: Gotham High WAS going to be a real cartoon, but it was never to be. I wish they would consider making this a real thing I would be so happy!

Chris Pine More

Chris Pine "The Finest Hours" and "Star Trek" Interview

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Wonder Woman Braid Hair Tutorial - KayleyMelissa --- small half ponytail, a few stitches of infinity braid. Then Dutch infinity until all hair above ears is in. Then regular infinity 1 inch below ears. Then French fishtail.

Clearly the set of Wonder Woman :)

Remus Lupin, Captain Kirk, and that one chick from Fast and the Furious in the same picture, I can't even