Natalia Kwaśnik

Natalia Kwaśnik

Natalia Kwaśnik
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HAHAHA! Poor Kirstie! just keep watching it over and over again it gets so funny!

No one else notice Avi in the background playing guitar and laughing while wearing sunglasses.

Mitch the ice queen

Mitch looks like he is going from a fierce queen to an icy one.

Mitch Grassi needs to go on Broadway.

Mitch Grassi needs to go on Broadway. // i second that he could be king george iii in hamilton

Just a gif of Mitch being ... Mitch {Click to see it!}

a wild mitch grassi in it's natural habitat


Mitchie Mitchie to biggie to be here stressin' im thinking i luv the thot of u more than ur prescence and the best thing now is probably for u to exit, i'll let u go let u back, i've finally learned my lesson.

Avi's Super Frown. @Laura Jayson Jayson Morrison LOOK AT THIS!!!1 OH MY GOODNESS I MELTED!!!!!

Avi and Kevin - Pentatonix Avi's Super Frown (best buds) Love Scott and Mitch in the background just chillin.