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Coffee in bed on Sunday morning. Does it get better than that?although this pic portrays a very tricky way to read the paper, and a precarious spot for your coffee.

later in life

Not I think, I know! Spiritually God is turning my life and heart into something way better, physically fitness makes me feel great and beautiful, and family is always a blessing- my kids are my world! Become a better you!

calloway sisters

The most memorable people in your life are the ones that love you when you aren't very loveable. Not sure who this would apply to in my life besides my mother.


Scorced is here! A book by Jennifer L Armentrout. Scorches is a standalone comtemporary romance and a companion novel to Frigid. Pin this if you are excited for reading this.

That dress is so gorgeous!

Celebrities who wear, use, or own Georges Chakra Couture Fall/Winter Embellished Tulle Dress. Also discover the movies, TV shows, and events associated with Georges Chakra Couture Fall/Winter Embellished Tulle Dress.

DVD - The Fall, season 1 and 2 <3

Now that I'm obsessed with Jamie Dornan I have to get this! Apparently he's a sexy serial killer - willing victim right here! LOL The Fall Series One - Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.