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Natalia Dybczyńska

Natalia Dybczyńska
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Supernatural fandom:

I'd jump on Sam's back as he ran by: let's be honest, if he can carry Dean, he can carry me to safety.<<if Sam and Dean are running from something, someone jumping on their backs would only result in a lot of stabbing<<<hehe i love the supernatural fandom

No one messes with Chuck's OTP. <<< LMAO. This comment!

OH CHUCK!Dude it makes me mad,like dean "loved" her and she just used him.Like im a STRONG Destiel shipper but if dean loves someone else other than Cas i support what ever ship dean gets into,i wont like it(unless its Destiel)


Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Convention quote -- I will never see any scene between the two of them the same way again. "Oop, there's Cas Counting Dean's freckles again! How far do you think he'll get this time?" But ugh so much lovey subtext

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