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Natasza Ossowska
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I'm fed up with trainers who complain they don't know how to get personal training clients. Be Proactive! Filling a client roster should not be hard. Here are 4 marketing strategies for personal trainers.

Free eBook on how to get personal training clients and market your personal training services. Learn how to market yourself as a personal trainer right!

Selling Personal Training in 5 Steps | How to Sell Personal Training Services

Want to know how to sell personal training services? Here are 5 steps to selling personal training sessions, to get more clients, and earn more as a trainer

The best books for personal trainers - 10 Business & Marketing books and 10 Fitness books. The PTDC.

Here is a list of the best personal trainer books that are a must read for every trainer to improve his or her business and fitness acumen!

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