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Have some JohnLock GIFs I found galaxy-of-fandoms: “ Which do not belong to me or were done by me Sherlock approves :> ”

Johnlock Fan Art: Johnlock, yessss yes yes yes

Johnlock Fan Art: Johnlock, yessss yes yes yes you have no idea how much I'm dying right now. Because of a fucking Johnlock picture 😂😂😂

Johnlock <3 dont you judge me, somewhere deep down you know this is adorable XD one of the cutest I've ever seen

I& not a Johnlock shipper but this is pretty cute. Prancing Sherlock makes me happy. (And did you notice the apple on John& computer in the last panel? No, you didn& because it turned into a freakin& heart.

I'm going to explode with feels!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! I love Johnlock <3

30 day OTP challenge - holding hands-- I LOVE THIS << I don't really ship the whole Johnlock thing but this is adorable <<<I ship it. The only thing you can do is accept and make sure it flourishes