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Uru's Reign: Chapter3: Page35 by albinoraven666fanart on DeviantArt

Chapter 3 Page 35 A sad, bitter sweet page for you. No dialogue! Next Page: Previous Page: Uru's Reign:

The Chosen One Pg 3 by on @DeviantArt -Zira: What did you say?! - Zira: You are dead lion, Scar!! -Scar: Zira it's your choice! -Scar: Besides, I heard how Sarafina told Sarabi: "Nala and Mheetu have grown up and I'd like to take care of little ones, oh why does Scar have to have a new maaaate!" Sarafina would be happy about this new prince..

________________________________________________ Zira: What did you say? ________________________________________________ Zira: You are de. The Chosen One Pg 3

" Mama,why do animals look at my scar everywhere I go?" scar asked. "because that's what makes you so special." Uru replied. " So that's where my name came from!" scar said. "How did I get it, anyway?" You were born with it, and I love that." Uru replied.

Taka: "Mommy, why is Daddy always with Mufasa and not with me? Your brother and your daddy are alike.