Kylo & Rey - The Last Jedi

Saw these 2 fan-made posters, thought I'd combine them.

I love that they communicate via twitter so we can all appreciate their silliness.

John Boyega & Mark Hamill on Star Wars set


Carrie Fisher and Oscar Isaac Star Wars

Vader by Mr Garcin. The last jedi was great. A big box office sucess?

Hey, there! Been to Star Wars 8: The last Jedi yet?

Movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Star Wars Mobile Wallpaper

Best homage ever.

Best homage ever.

Awesome billboard for Carrie Fisher

Beautiful Star Wars graphic design by Liam Ashurst

Carrie Fisher and Isaac waltz

Carrie Fisher and Oscar Isaac Star Wars

Finn takes her hand when she doesn't really know him and it annoys her pretty bad no matter the situation they're in. She HATED Ben/Kylo at first, hasn't known him that long but *offers* her hand to *him* ❤️

Ewan McGregor Fail/Hayden Christensen Win

Hayden Christiansen’s best acting

Star Wars 8 Luke and Rey scene revealed

Star Wars 8 opening scene REVEALED: NEW image shows EXACTLY how The Last Jedi will start

New The Last Jedi Topps Trading Cards - Luke Skywalker and Rey

[ Star Wars ]

[ Star Wars ]

Goodnight Princess.

Goodnight Princess.

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If they ever put the star wars movies back in theaters. These are the posters they need to use.