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{ Flea market Style Porch } soften the corners of your porch with burlap curtains @Susan Caron Caron Caron Caron Traywick something like this would work too? For your corner?

mason jar + sand + candle. easy and cheap centerpiece

Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens • Lots of Great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from susie frazier, this wonderful vertical garden.

This will be my next tattoo. An isosceles triangle/Delta. The symbol for change, because it is the first letter for the Greek word meaning different. It denotes a gene deletion in genetics and is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. Four major brain surgeries, a serious mutation resulting in almost complete deletion of the gene that regulates cell and therefore cancer growth makes me different. And change because without the ability to change and grow I would have died a long time ago

triangle tattoo - simple but oh so pretty.

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