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Natalia Peresada

Natalia Peresada
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Yazd, Iran - Saryazd citadel - inside

The grand prize for the 2014 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage went to Sar Yazd Castle in Yazd, Iran. In June a panel of judges composed of international experts in conservation and resto…

Pieniny Mountains in Poland. The most famous peak, Trzy Korony (Three Crowns), is 982 metres high.

The whole calcareous range is stretching out for 30 km from the west to the east having no more than 5 km width. The most spectacular part of Pieniny is protected in the trans-border Pieninski National Park.

Nieznana Polska na weekend, cz. 6 - mniej znane atrakcje Polski: Nowe Warpno, Gniew, Bardo Śląskie, Góra Chełmska, arboretum w Rogowie, Bytów, Sulejów, Fu­ledz­ki Róg,  Rydzyna, Kadyny - Podróże

Mniej znane atrakcje Polski na weekend, część 6 - Podróże