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a hand holding up a poster with words in it
#Czytanie A. Plec i M. Skoczylas, "Elemenarz. Teksty do czytania metodą sylabową" | Arabic alphabet for kids, Alphabet for kids, Adjectives
an image of a page with words and pictures on it, including the letters in different languages
a page in a book with an image of a zebra holding a piece of paper
the words in spanish are written with an owl and a bee on top of each other
a book with an image of a rooster and a guitar on the page, which is written in two languages
an image of a recipe book with instructions on how to make a drink and what to put in it
some type of text that is written in different colors and font styles, including red
Wyrazy, zdania i teksty z podziałem na sylaby - Bystre Dziecko
Homemade Toys, Henri Bendel