Natalia Łjwsk

Natalia Łjwsk

Natalia Łjwsk
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Smoothie recipes for everything! by superskinnyme: Go beyond taste & add ingredients to boost health, performance & fitness! #Smoothies

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Baked Coconut Chicken Strips

Baked Coconut Chicken Strips Recipe: These are great for a appetizer with your favorite dip, or a light lunch option and pair them with a salad and your favorite rolls and you have a nice dinner idea! Back To Her Roots

This is funny. I want this to happen when I'm married!

The never-a-dull-moment 26 Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out. thats so cool, I had this idea long ago but it was going to be girls against the boys, 3 on 3 and loser cooks or buys dinner. that would have been awesome!